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Are You Considering Freezing Your Eggs? This Was My Experience

While freezing your eggs is a big health and financial decision to make, I want to equip you with the education to make this decision for yourself. I also want to normalize the conversation around oocyte cryopreservation: it’s an option for many women who have an illness or are delaying fertility due to non-medical reasons like career or relationship. Here’s my egg freezing journey.


Racism In Health Care

I have a huge passion for social justice. I educate my readers to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations. In this post, I’ll be discussing how race ties in with the Human Genome Project, race as a social construct, and why racial disparities are secondary to racism and not race.

understanding-vaccines-professor-nurse scientist

Understanding Vaccines: Can They Really Be Trusted?

Vaccines are a hot topic right now, but can they be trusted?

Read this blog post to understand what vaccines are, how they work in the body, how vaccines are made, how they can help your community, COVID-19 vaccine myths, and the pros and cons of being vaccinated.

5 Self Care Tips to Implement Now

For most of us, being crazy busy is just another day in life. Whether you have deadlines at work or kids to shuttle all over the place, taking care of yourself usually ends up at the bottom of your to do list. Missing out on self care however can be damaging both for you and your family.

Impact of not Getting Enough Sleep

Most of us know that getting enough sleep is important to our overall health. Without enough sleep we are left feeling fatigued and confused. Mistakes come easily. If lack of sleep goes on for long enough it can even contribute to physical diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

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