Curious About the Safety Profile of Cannabis? Read This to Learn More

Today there are citizens advocating to legalize marijuana in all 50 states. This may explain why my Instagram DMs have been flooded with messages about the safety profile of cannabis (a term that’s commonly used interchangeably with marijuana). In this blog, we’ll explore cannabis safety and much more.

Are You Considering Freezing Your Eggs? This Was My Experience

While freezing your eggs is a big health and financial decision to make, I want to equip you with the education to make this decision for yourself. I also want to normalize the conversation around oocyte cryopreservation: it’s an option for many women who have an illness or are delaying fertility due to non-medical reasons like career or relationship. Here’s my egg freezing journey.

My Top 3 Yoga Workout Essentials

As a nurse scientist, nurse practitioner, professor, and certified Hatha yoga teacher, my days are extremely busy.  It seems like there’s always something that needs to get done. But after taking a moment to sit down with my thoughts, I realized that I was putting others’ needs before my own. How can I serve otherContinue reading “My Top 3 Yoga Workout Essentials”

3 Foods That Can Help and Improve Your Sleep

Have you ever felt extreme exhaustion because you had trouble falling asleep the night before? You remember you were in bed for seven hours, but you woke up at 3:13, 4:27, and 5:07 am. You’re so not ready to take on this day. I’ve experienced this too, and it’s so frustrating. So, know that you’reContinue reading “3 Foods That Can Help and Improve Your Sleep”

Why You Should Think Twice Before Pouring a Second Cup of Coffee

It’s 2 pm, and you’re feeling tired. But it’s the middle of the workday. And you still have to finish writing your monthly report and get it to your boss before 5 pm. What do you reach for? You consider a cup of coffee. You know it’ll help you stay alert to write an impactfulContinue reading “Why You Should Think Twice Before Pouring a Second Cup of Coffee”

Water – One Important Thing You Can Add to Your Day

People often ask me where I find the motivation to invest in my health and fitness. My answer: In my lifetime, I will only ever have one body. This is all I get. So, I try to treat my body with the same care and reverence as one would a Bugatti. After investing 7-figures inContinue reading “Water – One Important Thing You Can Add to Your Day”