4 Skin Care Techniques You Need to Start This Spring

skin care

Spring is a time for renewal and refreshing your home, your life—and yes, even your skin. If you’re like me—and most people—then you’ve already noticed that winter can really do a number on your skin. The cold, dry winter air can lead to dry skin, rough patches, and even annoying flakes that are a pain to hide even under the fullest coverage makeup.  Thankfully, with winter all but over, it’s time to refresh, renew and enjoy spring-ready skin.

If you’re ready to jump into spring, don’t worry: I’ve compiled a list of some excellent skin care techniques you should start using this spring. These techniques are designed to undo the damage from the winter while preparing your skin for the hotter summer months.

1. Wear sunscreen–yes, even when it’s not sunny

It’s easy to forget about the importance of sunscreen when the weather is constantly overcast and freezing. But sunscreen is important year-round, no matter the temperature and no matter the weather. If you slacked off on sunscreen in the winter, then spring is the perfect time to get yourself back on track. Use at least a SPF50 on your face and any exposed skin during the springtime. If you wear makeup, you can up your coverage even more by wearing foundation with some SPF on top of your regular sunscreen.

2. Exfoliate your dead skin away

If there’s one thing you want to leave behind, it’s rough and dead winter skin that tends to build up over those cold winter months. Exfoliating your skin regularly with a gentle cleanser will help you slough away that dead skin; take special care to exfoliate your knees, elbows, knuckles and anywhere else that has gotten particularly dry and damaged during the winter.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

It can never be said enough: hydration is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin looking healthy, happy and as youthful as possible. Hydrating your skin has two aspects: drinking water and using the right kind of moisturizing products. I prefer to keep a large water bottle with me at all times so I can constantly reach for some refreshing water whenever I’m out and about. As for moisturizers, look for hydrating formulas that don’t have alcohols or other drying ingredients. If your skin is particularly dry after the winter, look for products with 5% urea in them; don’t go over 5% for products you want to use on your face, as facial skin is more sensitive to urea than the skin on your knees, elbows or other parts of the body.

4. Lighten up with a spring moisturizer

The final touch to changing up your skin techniques for spring is to lighten up with a more lightweight spring moisturizer. Winter moisturizers tend to be thick and creamy in order to offset the dryness of the season, but as the humidity creeps back into the air with all those spring showers, you won’t need to use moisturizers with quite as much heaviness; switching to a lighter moisturizer for spring will keep your skin hydrated without being overly greasy.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already planned out your spring skin care techniques, it’s not too late! The above simple tips will get you on the right path towards beautiful and glowing skin this spring season.

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Cheers! Monique Stephanie

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